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Tiptoeing into 2021...

Hello Strasberg Actors and Happy New Year! What a year it has been, definitely one to remember, in the good and in the bad. What’s most important though is that it is finished, 2020 is officially over and we have all survived it. Well done!

The most natural reaction to the end of a year such as 2020 would be to celebrate, get a bit tipsy and fill up with excitement for the amazing surprises that 2021 has in store for us. However, we cannot help but find ourselves resistant to the enthusiasm the every new year brings us. We cannot help but find ourselves tiptoeing into the new year, quietly, with a glass of spumante in one hand and sparkly stick in the other; nobody please claim this year yet, nobody say ‘this is my year’. Once again: we just have to wait and see.

But maybe this fear of the unknown isn’t all bad, this fear of what will be. During the year just passed, we went through bad times, sure, but we experienced good times as well. In order to survive, we stripped down from all the frills and the countless layers of unnecessary things, to get to the core of what’s really important to us, which relationships we cherish the most, what we really want to do in (and want from) life, what really are our passions and most importantly, our truths. This past year forced us to look at ourselves, to be alone with our thoughts, to get rid of all the make-up and embrace our bare faces with all the amazing and unique imperfections that come with being human.

Surely we are entering this new year stronger, more grounded and with our priorities in check. From where I stand, these are amazing achievements, that cannot do anything but make us progress in our careers and on our life paths. Without the fog of the busy lives we were used to, without the noise of the many distractions and interactions that we were having on a daily basis, we now stand in silence, in front of the unknown and we have no fear.

Okay, maybe with a little bit of fear. Indeed tiptoeing into this 2021 doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all. Let’s at least wait until the end of January and see if we can get through one moth without a global catastrophe. Let’s face it, though, we can deal with so much, it is now history, may I say we can deal with anything. Let’s enter this new year with hope, the hope that things are getting better already, the hope that we can keep blooming into our art and keep nourishing our health, the hope that now that we know what’s more important for us, we’ll always put it first.

That’s a New Year Resolution worthy of this 2021.

Happy New Year.

The Strasberg Team

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