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The Campus Founder and Acting Coach: Alexander Ananasso

The Method Campus is the only school in the world running a holistic form of the Actor's Intimacy Training (AIT).

Alexander had the great luck of training with brilliant teachers and coaches who assisted Lee Strasberg himself. His very own take on this technique taps into the work of Susan Batson and Francesca Viscardi Leonetti.

Alexander is a holistic healer and has a growing knowledge of Applied Theatre. He has attended a Dramatherapy Foundation course at the University of Roehampton and multiple Theatre of the Oppressed workshops. 

Alexander has received 2 awards and has been nominated 4 times as Best Actor for his powerful and vulnerable performance in the short film Call me when you're dead. He has extensive experience in theatre and cinema, including his favourite, indie sets, such as the LGBT comedies A Dice With 5 Sides and Love, VeneziaHollywood movies such as The Man from UNCLE by G. Ritchie and Kingsman: the Golden Circle by M. Vaughn; the Channel4 drama Adult Material; successful plays such as Midsummer Night’s Dream, STOP! In the name of Love: The Bear and Seven short blasts; and of course his own work as director and playwright, Deliverance and A God Who Can Speak.

He's also a big foodie!

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