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Day 154,653 of quarantine

Day 154,653 of quarantine/lockdown/crazy times. Nothing much to say other than; 1) I am bored and, 2) I can say with confidence that I am a great baker.

Not exactly where we are at, but surely someone will be able to relate.

Dear Strasberg Actors,

Here we are again, it’s October, Summer is officially over (and to those of you who had the lick to spend some time away in some Mediterranean country: damn you! Well, not really, the weather treated us well this year anyway, and everyone is ready to get back on track, after the disastrous start of the year. Well, well, you better hold your horses people, because it doesn’t look like we’re gonna get out of this Pandemic any time soon.

But human beings are resourceful and quite frankly amazing at time, and especially artists, creatives and self-employed people. If there’s a thing you can surely say about us, is that we can’t sit still. We saw many initiatives be born out of the first lockdown, from end of Winter all the way into the Summer. From online theatre companies, to shorts shot on Zoom or in self-isolation and edited together, online classes and workshops, you name it.

We had hoped we would be out of this by now, and we are indeed suffering from the lack of real human interaction. This is what we need to do people, we need to keep going, keep working, keep bettering our craft, keep creating. Keep getting up at 6 in the morning to write a post that almost certainly is gonna be binned by our supervisor. Just keep it up.

This too shall pass and we’ll be ready.

On our side, at the Strasberg Campus we have been trying to keep your training going and keep it as real and fresh as possible. We've launched the Freedom Circle Online last Tuesday and it was really good and energising; there's another one tomorrow, so sign up now if you want to do some good work!

Also, we are launching the Online Strasberg Training for the first time ever! Do check it out, we're starting very, very soon now. It's time to keep going with your Strasberg Training (or to kick it off now!), it's been on hold too long, innit.

To get a taste of our classes, check out our Theory and Practice videos in the gallery now!

We hope to see you there, ready to rock. Because people, if we’ve survived years as actors and performers, we can indeed survive these times.

A Global Pandemic is nothing compared to years in the Industry.

We’ve got this.

With all the love in the world,

The Strasberg Team

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