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Summer Slumber

In the journey of every actor there are moments when the phone stops ringing and the emails stop coming, time spans when the industry suddenly goes quiet and there just seems to be less auditions out there for you. The Summer time sure has something to do with it as well -- for one thing, the heat we have been experiencing lately gave everyone sweaty foreheads and sleepless nights.

But don’t fear, you can still make good use of this momentary hiatus and do simple things to get yourself ready for when the auditions will start to reappear again.

Slow down

If you live in London you’ll be used to juggling everything that’s going on in your life in the busy metropolitan lifestyle. It would be then a good idea to slow down a bit and enjoy the calmer side of this moment learning a new slower rhythm for your day. Take time to meditate or to just sit outside in the garden. Finish the book that has been on your bedside table for a while now, you know the one I’m talking about. Take walks and explore the parks of London, maybe you can go check what the deer of Richmond Park are up to these days. The creative mind really benefits from some rest and daydreaming.

Check in with your agent

Have a chat with your agent to make sure that they have all the material they need to pitch you correctly to the industry. Get them all the material to showcase your skills. Have you recently learned a new accent? Work on a short piece and put it on tape. Also, ask you agent what they think could be the reason of this momentary lack of meetings, it is always good to check in and have a chat from time to time.

Pick up that script

Many of us have skeletons of projects laying around in a folder, or half written script waiting to be taken to their full potential. Maybe this is a good time to get down to work on one of those projects. Go through your notes and see if anything is speaking to you, set yourself a little writing schedule and stick to it, I bet you’ll be surprised by what you will have come up in a month's time.

Go to class

Here, once again, be creative and follow your guts. Maybe you used to love improv but you have never had the time to go back to class, then go for it now. Or maybe think about what kind of auditions you get seen for the most and find workshops that focus on that kind of productions. Attend casting director workshops or explore some new voice classes.

Ever tried Method Acting? We have a Summer Strasberg Meisner Intensive in August. Get in touch if you want to know more about this!

Get together and play!

Your fellow actors are a great asset when it comes to keeping busy and keeping the craft alive. Get together with a camera and work on scenes from movies, read whole plays, give each other constructive notes and criticism. You will grow together learning from each other experience and you will be ready to sight-read or work on an audition scene.

Always remember that there is something that can be done to make the situation better, but also remember that each situation is at the same time perfect. What is happening to you in this moment is what needs to happen for you to thrive, the only things you can do are being aware of that and do the best you can do at this present moment.

Have a great Summer, everyone!

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