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Self-care in 2020: 5 steps!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year from the Strasberg Team. Wow, 2020! A new decade is upon us and most of us have been setting new goals, working on new habits, on the backdrop of a crazy January. The UK is officially out of the EU, there’s a killer virus going around, from China, with love, basketball legend Kobe Brian tragically died in a helicopter crash. It would seem like the world is going backwards and it could all be very overwhelming. Fear not though, the Strasberg Team is here to help you stay on track while everything is spinning around. As actors we have to be in great shape and always have great energy, to be able to rock every single audition. Great. Well, here’s a few tips to makes sure we are always ready to go.


This is the season of cold and flu and nothing is worse for the voice than a stinking cold. Keep up your breathing exercises, steam a lot, drink plenty of water and herbal tea and limit the amount of alcohol and caffeine. Your vocal folds will thank you.


You don’t have be Rocky Balboa to be able to step into your gym gear and exercise. Get a gym membership, at the moment there are some extremely cheap ones; go to dance classes; go back to swimming, or volleyball or the sport you used to love in high school. Get into a sweaty hot yoga class. Whatever floats your boat will do, just do it. It’s vital that actors keep healthy and in shape, not only for aesthetic reasons (although getting back into that pair of skinny jeans bought two years ago wouldn’t hurt), but mainly to keep the endorphins high and be happy!


Take a moment every Sunday to plan and mentally prepare for your week ahead, we are always working on so many different things and projects that at times we literally forget stuff. Get a diary or use the one you have in your smartphone and plan your days and weeks. It will make you feel more on top of things.


Down time is as important as productive time, make sure to have a few hours a week just for you to take a bath, go out with friends, go to the theatre or the movies. It’s Award season now and there is so much to see. Get curious and get out there. Have fun! We only live once.


The Industry is getting busier and busier, and there is so much work out there right now. Be ready, go to class. Read plays and get together with friends to work on scenes. Dust off that old monologue and start working on a new accent. Simply work on your craft and keep striving to become the best actor you can be. Check out our classes here: our Winter Term has just started and you can still join as a trainee or you can simply drop-in for scene work.

See you in class, folks!

Always in the Art!

The Strasberg Team

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