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Networking or making friends? Try both at the same time!

As an actor, whether you like it or not, you’re going to have to get out there and network your behind off, because we are all aware that if you are in the radar of a Casting Director, you’ll just be more easily called in the room to audition. But networking sounds like a big scary word, sounds like something fake and, let’s be honest, the majority of us hates it.

That is why we are going to look at networking in a different light from now on: we will try to make it fun and enjoyable. Think about it as making new friends. Networking really is having a pleasant conversation with someone with whom we have interests in common, and potentially start a relationship that will nourish both of your careers. Isn’t that a better way to look at it? That’s already a great start.

Let’s dig a bit deeper and look at little tips that we can give you to enhance your networking game. Where could you possibly go to have these lovely conversations with potential new friends?

Well, really every time you go to the theatre is an opportunity to network: always research the company, the director and in general the theatre production that you are going to see, and especially if you know someone in the cast/team.

The Actor’s Guild and Mixing Networks both run regular workshops with casting directors at a very reasonable price: find out who’s casting for what and if it suits your casting, go for it!

Spotlight also organises many interesting workshops and classes. Those are always a good time to network.

Hang out at the cafe at The Actor’s Centre, just sit there, have a coffee, do some work on your laptop or study your script, and just be open to meeting new, nice people.

Also the organisation Women in Film and TV organises networking events every month, it is worth taking a look.

Once you have started making those connections, you are going to have to set an informal meeting: whether you have something coming up, a project you’d like to develop, or you would like to hear more about someone and pick their head about their experience in the industry. People love to talk about themselves!

Make sure to note all your contacts down and keep your list tidy and up to date. Every time you are in a new gig, make sure to let them know, even if it is a small student production. People are always happy to hear that actors are working and doing their thing, it will make them more open and available to you, as they know that you are using your acting muscles and you’ll be ready for that good audition, when it comes.

Make sure that your Spotlight profile is on point and up to date, and if you have a personal website, same rule stands. If people look you up they want to see a good, polished and professional internet presence. The reason for this is always the same: you want to make sure that industry people see you as a working actor, professional but also a pleasure to work with.

Once you have secured a meeting, or when you have booked that ticket to go to a party make sure that your outfit is nice and clean, nothing too fancy but yes, try to look good, groomed and polished.

Networking really is not that bad if you look at it this way. Go out there and make friends!

Here also a couple of useful articles for you to read:

Till next month!

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