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Beat the 'Back to School' Blues!

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Hello dear Strasberg Actors,

We hope that you all had an amazing Summer and some well deserved rest, and if you didn’t have any rest at all, we hope that you have been busy with interesting and fulfilling projects. We hope that you enjoyed every moment of your work, being aware that you have been paving the way for an even shinier future.

As this Summer 2019 comes to an end, we want to talk about something that almost inevitably comes after a holiday or a very good project: that melancholic feeling that almost certainly we feel when something we really enjoyed comes to an end, also known as THE BLUES.

First of all, let’s acknowledge that feeling blue once in a while isn’t a crime: quite the contrary, we should always let ourselves feel whatever we are feeling at that moment, and be okay with it. But when feeling what we are feeling becomes self-commiseration, then it’s time to pick ourselves up and dust some of that sadness off our shoulders. How? Well, keep reading to discover a few tips and suggestions that will help you to love your best life.


That’s right, you cannot always rely on your agent to find you auditions, you gotta make the first step and apply, apply, apply! Try to go for at least one audition every week: the more you go out for things, the higher the change that you’ll book something.


This is an oldie, but always useful. Study, train! Find a class and go to it. It can be audition technique, sight-reading, screen acting, movement/voice training, Method Acting… Most of these are available at the Strasberg Campus. As long as you keep your acting muscles trained, we are happy. If you cannot afford to go to class, get together with your mates and work on scenes! No excuses, people!


Nothing better that some good old exercise to get the endorphins flowing and get rid of that End of Summer depressing feeling. The weather is still ace, go outside, go for a run or a long walk, play a sport, lift some iron, dance. Whatever floats your boat…but keep moving. Nobody likes a lazy actor. Who knows, you might even shred a few pounds and bring that six pack to the surface.


As always the most important point of them all. It is okay to have some “down” time, to feel a bit sad scrolling through the amazing sunset pics you took during you Mediterranean holiday, but you are back now. And all we have is now, isn’t it? Sit down with your feelings for a moment, breathe through and start noticing what is going on around you. Accept that this is a new season of the year that is starting, you’ll see that blues going away and making space for some different energy (and brain) frequencies… maybe even enjoyment.

The future has amazing surprises ready for you, there is no doubt about that. But remember that to live your best life all day, every day, you gotta live one day at a time!

The Strasberg Team

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