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Acting is Healing

The Method to find your vulnerability and turn it into your unique selling point.


A deep journey for beginners, a new beginning for professionals. 

You have will -- not just will to grow as an actor, but as a human being, too. Will to know yourself and become the best person, and artist, that you can be. 

Coaches and teachers such as Stanislavskij, Strasberg, Adler, Hagen, Meisner understood that Emotion had a central place in the three Partitions of the Actor and developed exercises and specific trainings to help the actor achieve the ultimate Truth.  

Our coaching style has a holistic approach to acting: we go beyond the 3 partitions Voice, Body, Emotion and we also look at the overall energetic, spiritual and moral implications of being a truthful actor. It's a journey into yourself and into your craft at the same time. Holistic Acting means indeed working on different levels simultaneously: personal, professional; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual; the past, the present, the future; listening and reacting; understanding the contradictions present in the human mind; connecting with our animal side; and so on.

(All of the above is applied to both you as a person and the character).

As you’re working on a character and how they would act and behave, how about you start working on how you act and behave, how do your own feelings influence your actions? How does being a truthful actor impact your personal development in life, and viceversa?

This way, our Method teaches you how to add layers to your character by getting to know yourself first, and then them, and to ultimately achieve being Truthful. Our Method teaches you to find your unique selling points: find your own Personal Shit and turn it into gold.

We all have our own Truth. Our Art as actors consists in being able to bring it with us on stage and inspire people by being our vulnerable, truthful selves, by giving them the courage that the average person does not possess. 


It’s a wonderful, intense journey that every artist should do, especially actors, writers and directors, as experts of human nature and behaviour. 


We thought it was time we brought the Method to Europe. We thought it was time we brought you to you. 

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Strasberg Campus

Strasberg Campus

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Alexander is wonderful: a wonderful person and a wonderful viewer.
(Susan Batson, Acting Coach Extraordinnaire, Lee Strasberg's former assistant)

When I first started I was really not confident in my ability as it had been a long time since I had tried acting. These classes gave me a safe space to try new things, be vulnerable and learn not to be afraid of failure - which was massively holding me back.
I can honestly say I have never had an acting class like this, I have improved so much in my ability and my confidence. Having a non judgemental, spiritual environment and energy with these Method techniques has not only helped me to become a better, more authentic actor. It has also helped me be more authentic as a person, it's opened me up to my old wounds in a healing and controlled way which has allowed me to lose my shame and claim the space I'm in, it's been liberating!
I highly recommend these classes to those who want to dig deep and become the best actor they can be. It's not easy, it's emotional, requires a lot of work, but it's completely worth it! I'm so grateful I've had the privilege to be a part of these classes and meet Alexander and the other students. It has been a journey I'll never forget!
(Marli Hart, Actress)

The Masterclass was a great experience for me to be a part of. I’ve done online courses before, but never come out of one so confident in my abilities and excited about the future. I met some amazing people who I really connected with over the 8 weeks. I hope I get to work with them again. This is what Alexander does. He creates such an accepting and confident atmosphere in his classes that when it comes to your time to perform, you feel safe enough to express the character completely, whatever may happen in the moment. 

I have worked with some good teachers before, but Alexander is different. He is not only an amazing teacher with an incredible knowledge of his craft, he is also an amazing person. I feel that he genuinely loves watching his students grow and learn, and it really helps when you have a teacher who is so invested in helping you improve as an actor. 

Thank you Alexander, I can’t wait to get to learn from you again!

(Matthew White, Actor)

Alexander coached me towards not only my acting technique, but how to handle life as a professional actor - something I've been lacking in my 16 years of professional development. I learnt extremely important skills such as how to handle reviews/feedback, how to negotiate script changes with the writer/director, how to stay motivated to audition and practice as well as a practical approach to making Substitutions through the Strasberg/Adler method. Any student will GROW from working with Alexander!
(Leigh Fitzjames, Actress, Singer and Writer)


I just want to thank Alexander with all my heart. The past weeks have helped me so much.
For my mental health by giving me a purpose and a weekly appointment to go somewhere where I felt a kind of bliss; for me to deal with traumas, and go forward.
For myself in my acting career, giving me confidence and a sensation of opportunity.
Those kind words really meant the world to me as I probably needed to hear them. I will always keep them close.
Alexander is an amazing teacher and I would be so happy to continue working at the Method Campus.

(Jade Zibaut, Actress)

The class had a very open, sincere and healing quality to it. It was a safe space for me to learn to navigate the depth of my emotions and simultaneously being present in the physical space. It allowed me to accept my fears, stand with my limitations and having the positive feeling of growth and learning at the same time. 

I would recommend it to everyone who is willing to sincerely dive into their own being to further enhance the skill of acting. 

(Therese Theurillat, Actress)

Method Campus is amazing! Since I have started the course a year ago I have improved so much and I have a deep understanding now of not only how to connect emotionally with my character but also understand my emotions and past traumas and use them for my performances. 

This is not just an acting course, it teaches you in the best therapeutic way to learn to embrace your vulnerabilities and sensitive side and heal, while using them to become a great actor. 

Alexander is a great teacher to take you through this wonderful journey inside yourself. 
(Baltazar Oliva, Actor)

Very honest feedback, [the coach] knows what buttons to push, always challenging, always able to see inside every actor!
I enjoyed [the Actor's Intimacy Training] a lot. It was a chance to explore my whole self deeply and therefore it was very challenging. I'll never forget how I felt the moment I passed the Private Moment and the Celebration. I learnt that I can use my whole self as an actor to interpret a character and a scene, everything is already in me.

(Alex Marchi, Actor)

It was great to jump into Strasberg again - I've realised from what you were teaching that we covered quite a fair amount of Strasberg at my training in NY and I really didn't know! I had never done a character's Private Moment before, and it truly was a useful exercise as I explore my character deeper.
I found the environment immediately very open and inspired, so I felt like I could just dive in without judgement from the group. Very reassuring space and a great place to work and develop in, so thank you for this!
I loved the feedback sessions - it was a truly edifying experience in which we could share and develop as a group. 
(Tamara Laryea, Actress)

You could do this.
(Francesca Viscardi Leonetti, Acting Coach Extraordinnaire, Susan Batson's former PA)

I thoroughly enjoyed the Actor's Intimacy work and found it was an invaluable part of the overall training which brought me closer to myself and helped me develop more acceptance for myself. It was freeing.
Much love Alex and the group, you've all been very warm and supportive, especially you Alex, I felt very safe and accepted in this class. Thank you all for such a great term <3 "

(Eylul Arif, Actress)

I’m loving this Strasberg journey, sometimes it’s hard but it’s definitely a great emotion when you actually get to something, and it’s also good to fail ‘cause that’s how we grow.
I’m grateful to be here and to have the chance to become a better artist and a better person.

(Eleonora Cucciarelli, Actress and Performer, East15 MA in Acting)

"[Scene work and Script Analysis] definitely helped as I was getting to know these fascinating women that interest me in playing. Was fortunate to have had a two-hour session to really get to know a complicated character and began to enjoy working with her words rather than getting frustrated at capturing what her motivations are.
[...] Thank you for a great term in the art! Appreciated the time we spent looking at character, wants, needs and substitutions. It felt a safe space from day one which meant it was always ok to try whatever we wanted to, knowing we could develop and build on something foundational."
(Tamara Laryea, Actress and Writer)

Very relaxed environment where you could just be yourself and no one was judging you. Classmates were great and Alexander was always very helpful, especially during the scene work where he would always break the script down and make them more clear for you. He also always gave constructive feedback to take in. I would definitely recommend this class.
(Luca Molinari, Actor)

I want to say thank you to all of you guys, and especially Alexander, who really helped me a lot in his sessions. At the beginning I didn’t know much of this world, that’s why I’m really grateful to have met all of you guys. I’m really happy to be doing this journey with you.
(Giovanni Li Gotti, LSDA Graduate)
Alexander is a wonderful teacher and thanks to him I have improved my acting skills very well.
I have learned a lot more about this profession and first of all, I've learned how to discover myself in a better way. 
He's an outstanding person and hard-working guy. 
Thanks to the lessons with him, I managed to overcome nine auditions for drama schools here in London, and six offered me a place!
(Valentina Puggioni, Actress, DSL Graduate)


The Masterclass was such a powerful and emotionally authentic experience. I fell that the class was held in such a way by Alexander, who I know and believe is so highly intuitive and skilled as a coach, that he instilled an environment of trust and safety within the class, to express our truths. 

I haven’t met anyone yet that has made me feel I could do that…. and this is what it’s all about!

The depth and truth was so real that we as students felt safe enough to be real which isn’t an easy task, and this was consciously driven through our characters. I feel that our acting and creative skills were provoked to such a level that any audience would have been touched, because no one can hide the Truth.
(Angela Clark, Actress)

Very nice experience with Alexander Ananasso. Lovely atmosphere, great coaching, learned a lot today. Thank you!
(Kata Sarbò, Actress and Coach)

I really liked the class I attended a while ago and although it was just one time it gave me a lot, so I would love to do more. 
(Amalia Felicijan, Actress)

My self-tape audition went really well and I got a place at the school! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help and lessons over the last year, so thank you so much!

(Matthew White, Actor)


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